Gozer Goodspeed & the Neon Gamblers

Gozer Goodspeed & the Neon Gamblers

Gozer Goodspeed & the Neon Gamblers,  at the launch of their new album , Running with the Outliers  at Plymouth's excellent B-Bar


The First outing for a fantastic new duo 'Stargazey' playing at the Palladium club in Bideford,


This photograph is created using the set up in my post of the 28th March -   a Nikon D5300  connected to the bellows with an old 55m Helios  lens ,  an extreme close-up of a water droplet on the breaking leaves of a bonsai Pagoda tree that I have been cultivating for...

Experimentation is the Key

I have always experimented, from my early schooldays, through my time in the theatre, working on stage, making props and special effects , and through into my artwork and photography, something recent has been playing with the old and the new, lenses for example ,...

There is no box

The 'you can't do that' attitude doesn't work when you realise there is no box, in many things, not just art, how do you think that the great inventors came up with their inventions, and art is just the same, It is all part of being a 'creative' – yes there will be...