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When people tell you to think outside the box, my reply is: “there is no box, in life as well as art the imagination is limitless”.

From the canyons of my mind

Where art is concerned, I feel that the true artists are the innovators, those who experiment with materials and techniques as well as styles and evolving technology.

I have been interested in art and photography since my early school days, always experimenting and trying out new things, never accepting ‘you can’t do that’ or ‘it is done this way’ and trying something new.

Most of my artwork is created using a combination of photography and digital manipulation, using various programs and techniques that I have developed over time by experimentation to create the abstract images that are increasingly being used as album/CD cover work, as well as wall art, available on canvas, archive print and for digital display.

Digital artwork

Many artists create and interpret images of what they see in front of them, it has been my lifelong mission to create artwork that speaks to the mind, it is what the viewer can see that is important, and everyone sees something different – it’s all in the minds eye of the observer.


My photographs are available to purchase for use in homes and commercial premises. The sunsets and seascapes can help provide a relaxing atmosphere.

my portfolio

Take a look at my most recent pieces of work below. If you’re interested in a specific service, select that option from the main menu to see work in that category.

customer quote

“Pete’s inimitable style is what attracted us to him to produce two pieces of artwork for our C.D albums, they suited the music perfectly and furthermore attracted a wider fan base due to the original nature of his work. He can accommodate any particular style you may have in mind with a knowledge and understanding in this field which is second to none. Highly commendable indeed.”

- Julian Crimmins
Crum, Moonloonies

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